Is bitter mouth during pregnancy diabetes?

There are many changes in pregnant women’s body and before pregnancy, but because these may affect the normal development of fetus, or may be related to pregnant women’s body, we must pay special attention, even if only the taste inside the mouth changes, so is it diabetes for pregnant women?

Although diabetes during pregnancy may lead to bitter mouth, it does not mean that the bitter mouth during pregnancy must be diabetes, but it may also be caused by other reasons. So what causes pregnant women to have bitter mouths?

First, it is caused by excessive pressure. During pregnancy, because of physical changes or inexperience, some women will exert great psychological pressure on themselves, which will probably affect their health and lead to mental bitter mouth. Although this is not a disease, it cannot be ignored because it may affect appetite, lead to insufficient nutrition intake and affect the development of fetus.

Second, the body is hot and humid, and there will be bitter mouth. If there is inflammation in the liver and gallbladder, abnormal bile excretion will lead to bitter taste in the mouth. In addition, the poor digestion ability of the stomach will also cause bile reflux, resulting in bitter mouth.

Besides, some bad habits, such as smoking and drinking, will make your mouth bitter. However, because the bitter mouth of pregnant women will be special, it is recommended to check whether there is gestational diabetes.

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