Is cervicitis dangerous?

Among many gynecological diseases, cervicitis is familiar to many women. After all, we often hear about this disease. Examination of cervicitis is not difficult, but it can be diagnosed by general gynecological examination. However, many people do not know what danger cervicitis poses to women’s health. So, is cervicitis dangerous?

The danger of cervicitis is mainly manifested in causing local congestion and edema, and some women will have ulceration due to the influence of cervicitis. Women suffering from cervicitis should pay attention to the time of sleeping together, because this behavior may cause abnormal bleeding. From the symptoms, cervicitis can cause vaginal bleeding, which is mainly irregular.

In addition, cervicitis can also cause hyperplasia of tissue polyps. In terms of type, if it is acute cervicitis, we must seize the opportunity of treatment and go to the hospital for treatment in the shortest time. It can’t be delayed. Once delayed, acute cervicitis can’t be effectively controlled, and it may turn into chronic cervicitis.

Cervicitis may be abnormal in leucorrhea at the beginning, such as increased leucorrhea, abnormal leucorrhea with yellowish or milky color. From the character point of view, leucorrhea is likely to be sticky, which belongs to purulent leucorrhea. Sometimes the leucorrhea will be bloodshot or directly bloody.

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