Is chronic nephritis uremia?

Kidney is a very important metabolic organ of human body, but kidney is prone to adverse diseases, among which uremia and chronic nephritis are more common. So, is chronic nephritis uremia?

Chronic nephritis is not uremia. Although these two diseases belong to kidney diseases, they are very different and cannot be confused. Therefore, when adverse renal reactions occur, it is necessary to distinguish them clearly for better treatment.

the difference between uremia and chronic nephritis :

1. Different degrees of injury.

The harm degree of uremia and chronic nephritis is different. Uremia is the end-stage manifestation of renal failure. Generally refers to the fourth and fifth stages of chronic kidney disease, which is more harmful to health. Chronic nephritis is a chronic disease, and the whole disease develops very slowly. Generally speaking, it will not cause serious damage to the body. Therefore, compared with the two, uremia is more harmful.

2. Different symptoms.

The symptoms of uremia and chronic nephritis are also different. The main symptoms of uremia patients are nausea, vomiting, anemia, fatigue dyspnea, diarrhea, water, electricity, acid-base balance disorder, inattention, bone pain, dry skin, general weakness, etc. The main symptoms of chronic nephritis are local mild to moderate edema, hypertension, renal dysfunction, urinary protein, microscopic hematuria, etc.

3. Different diagnostic methods.

The common diagnostic methods of uremia include routine blood test, urine test, biochemical, electrolyte and metabolic tests, abdominal B-ultrasound and computerized X-ray tomography. The diagnosis of patients with chronic nephritis is relatively simple and can only be confirmed by laboratory examination.

Uremia is not chronic nephritis. There are many differences between the two diseases, so it is suggested to identify them actively in order to better enter the follow-up treatment stage. In addition, during the treatment, patients should eat more foods beneficial to the kidneys. At the same time, regular follow-up examination should be carried out under the guidance of professional doctors to monitor the changes of diseases.

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