Is eye 4.5 myopia?

Vision is very important to people, so we need to pay attention to protecting our eyesight. Especially for children, parents should correct their children’s bad eye habits. If a child’s vision is found to be abnormal, he must go to the ophthalmology department for examination in time. So, is the child’s eye 4.5 myopia?

If a child’s vision is found to be 4.5 after an eye examination, it should be judged according to his age whether he is short-sighted. Because the development of vision is gradually completed after the child is born, the younger the child, the worse the vision will be. It is normal for a child about 3 years old to have a vision of 4.5, so there is no need to do any treatment.

If a child is over 3 years old and his eyesight is still 4.5, he is likely to have myopia, so he should go to the hospital for optometry in time, so that he can judge his eyesight. We should pay attention to the fact that most children’s myopia just appeared belongs to false myopia, and it is possible to return to normal.

If the child is pseudomyopia, attention should be paid to eye care, and the child should use his eyes reasonably. After a period of time, his vision may be restored. Parents should pay attention to the fact that if children with false myopia wear glasses, they will turn into true myopia. If the child belongs to true myopia after examination as much as possible, it can be corrected by wearing glasses.

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