Is flat foot insole useful?

Every part of the human body has its own shape, and only under normal shape can people feel comfortable. When the shape of a certain part of the body is abnormal, many movements in life may be affected. Flat foot is one of them, which seriously affects normal walking. Is the flat foot insole useful?

Flat feet can be classified as hereditary and acquired. There is no particularly effective correction method for hereditary flatfoot, but acquired flatfoot can. Most of the acquired flat feet are due to improper heel, which leads to the reduction or even disappearance of the arch of the finger and foot. The use of flat foot insoles can effectively alleviate and improve. This is a kind of insole with high front thickness and low front thickness, which can effectively relieve the pressure of forefoot and has a certain effect on relieving flat feet.

People with flat feet must not wear high heels in normal times. Because the design of high-heeled shoes will cause stress on the forefoot, which will cause the height of the arch to decrease, which will aggravate the flat feet after a long time. It is recommended to wear flat-heeled shoes at ordinary times, and a thin pad can be placed at the center of the foot, which will help relieve flat feet.

In order to better prevent the occurrence of flat feet, you can’t stand for a long time in normal work, you can walk properly, and you should sit down and rest when necessary. Also pay attention to the foot exercise, some simple running and jumping movements, which will help relieve the pressure on the muscle ligament of the foot and play a very important role in preventing flat feet.

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