Is getting angry inflamed?

At ordinary times, we always feel sore throat or gum pain, so parents will say it is excessive internal heat and go to the hospital to see a doctor and say it is inflammation. So is getting angry inflamed?

Actually, getting angry is not in the same range as inflammation. The range of getting angry is relatively wide, while the range of inflammation is also relatively wide. Getting angry is commonly known as fever in traditional Chinese medicine, and inflammation is a name for infectious diseases in modern medicine. When the symptoms of sore throat appear, drugs for clearing away heat and toxic materials can be used for treatment, and anti-infection drugs can also be used for treatment.

If it’s just a symptom of getting angry at ordinary times, you can take drugs for clearing away heat and toxic materials. For example, if you suddenly find a sore throat but have no other discomfort, you can take drugs for clearing away heat and toxic materials. If the throat pain is accompanied by fever, cough, expectoration and other symptoms, it is not simply excessive internal heat. It is necessary to go to the hospital to test blood routine to see if it is infected by bacteria.

For infectious diseases, once the blood routine test results are combined with bacterial infection, it needs to be treated with antibiotics, and pure heat-clearing and detoxification drugs cannot completely treat the disease. Therefore, sometimes you should distinguish the severity of the disease by yourself, and don’t use drugs blindly at home, especially when the disease is serious, you should go to the hospital for examination and treatment immediately.

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