Is hand cream harmful to skin?

Skin care is a very common thing for every girl, not only paying attention to facial skin care, but also caring for hand skin care. Because hands are also very important for our girls, most girls always bring some small hand creams with them in their lives. Is hand cream harmful to the skin?

The main function of hand cream is that the skin of hands can be restored to be delicate and tender in a short time. As long as it is reliable in quality and used correctly, it is generally harmless to the skin. However, if some inferior products or substandard materials are used, it may harm the skin, such as causing allergies.

Therefore, we should use the hand cream correctly. Some people sometimes apply it directly to their faces for convenience, which will cause the pores of the face to be blocked and make the skin very dry.

Hand cream can protect the skin of hands, moisten hands, prevent frostbite and chapping, and some can also whiten hands. After washing your hands every time, dry your hands completely, and then apply hand cream. Therefore, you can put hand cream in the kitchen, bathroom, office and other places at home at ordinary times, so that you can apply it immediately after washing your hands.

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