Is heel pain gout?

In life, gout is one of the common diseases in many elderly people. But with the development of the times, more and more young people have gout, which is not good. There are many kinds of gout. Once you suspect that you have gout, you should treat it promptly. Then someone asked, is heel pain gout?

People usually have heel pain, which may be gout. In this regard, when people have frequent heel pain, it is best to go to the hospital for examination, so as to avoid aggravation of the disease and harm to their health. There are many reasons for heel pain, first of all, there is inflammation in the patient’s feet. If it is not treated in time, the inflammation will be aggravated and gout may be formed.

However, people don’t pay attention to diet at ordinary times, and often eat foods with more purine components, which will lead to the increase of uric acid in the body, which will lead to gout and then have heel pain. In addition, people usually have pain in their heels, or they may have bone spurs in their heels. Long bony spur in joints is a common condition, and long bony spur is the self-repair of joints.

If people’s spur grows normally, it will not cause joint pain. However, if people’s bone spur is crooked, it will cause joint pain and discomfort. Therefore, people need to go to the hospital for orthopedic examination to understand the development of spur. In addition, the heel of the elderly often occurs, which may be caused by calcium deficiency in the body, so it is necessary to consider supplementing calcium to the body.

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