Is hepatitis B a chronic disease?

Because hepatitis B is a disease that is difficult to treat and contagious, the fetus needs to be injected with hepatitis B vaccine shortly after birth, mainly for better prevention. Moreover, if there is hepatitis B, it needs long-term treatment, otherwise it will probably affect the normal physical condition, so is hepatitis B a chronic disease?

In fact, most hepatitis B is a chronic disease, but if the patient has acute hepatitis B, it is not a chronic disease. To distinguish whether hepatitis B is chronic or acute, it mainly depends on how long hepatitis B surface antigen or hepatitis B virus is carried. If hepatitis B surface antigen is positive for more than half a year or carries hepatitis B virus for more than half a year, it is a chronic disease.

If you have hepatitis B, you must pay more attention to rest and check regularly. After long-term treatment and conditioning, chronic hepatitis B can be cured. It is very important to regulate hepatitis B, and the treatment of hepatitis B in traditional Chinese medicine is mainly to enhance the patient’s immunity. For example, yam, Codonopsis pilosula and Ganoderma lucidum can help enhance the patient’s immunity, so it is also suitable for daily regulation of hepatitis B patients.

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