Is hydronephrosis a chronic kidney disease?

The kidney is very important to the human body, and it is a detoxification organ. If the kidney is sick, it will greatly damage the health. There are many kidney diseases, such as nephritis, kidney calculi and so on. After suffering from kidney disease, we must take treatment measures as soon as possible. So, is hydronephrosis a chronic kidney disease?

Hydronephrosis is not a chronic kidney disease, it can only be regarded as a symptom, which is usually caused by other diseases, so hydronephrosis is not strictly a disease. If hydronephrosis occurs, we should find the cause in time and treat it fundamentally.

There are many reasons leading to hydronephrosis. For example, if urine cannot be discharged due to blockage of kidney, symptoms of hydronephrosis will appear. When suffering from diseases such as kidney calculi and urinary system infection, it is possible to cause hydronephrosis. In addition, the occurrence of hydronephrosis in newborns is mostly caused by urinary system malformation.

When hydronephrosis occurs, patients need a comprehensive examination. If it is caused by kidney calculi and urinary system infection, targeted treatment can be carried out, and some measures are needed to eliminate the symptoms of hydronephrosis. If the patient is found to have urinary system malformation, it is necessary to perform surgery in time. After the urinary system structure is restored to normal, the symptoms of hydronephrosis will disappear.

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