Is it difficult for a thin woman to get pregnant?

If a girl is too thin, though it looks good and it is convenient to wear clothes, it will always give people a feeling of weak body. Moreover, if many girls are too thin, they may get sick more easily, and their physique is relatively poor, so many girls will worry that if they are too thin, it will affect their pregnancy. So it is very difficult for a thin woman to get pregnant?

Strictly speaking, it is difficult to get pregnant, but it has nothing to do with the size of the body. It mainly depends on whether the ovarian function of women is abnormal and whether there are normal follicles discharged every month. If every month’s menstruation is regular, and the ovaries are healthy at the time of examination, and mature follicles are discharged every month, even thin women can get pregnant.

Because some women are inherited to be relatively thin, they may not gain weight easily even if they eat a lot. Therefore, it will not affect normal pregnancy. After pregnancy, just eat normally, keep nutrition comprehensive and balanced.

If you say that you have a thinner body because you control your body strictly, you should try to focus on the health of your fetus after pregnancy, and try not to be picky eaters.

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