Is it easy to get acne when the moisture is too heavy?

During puberty, there is more hormone secretion. If it is oily skin, it is easy to have large pores and acne. But some adults also get acne, which is related to their health. There are many reasons for acne. So, is it easy to get acne if the moisture is too heavy?

Too much moisture will cause acne. Many people have high moisture, mainly because they don’t like sports and sweat less. Especially in summer, they stay in the çİş room every day. Over time, the moisture in the body will increase and acne will appear. Heavy moisture can not only cause acne, but also cause other diseases, such as rheumatism, eczema and so on.

In the morning, I don’t have the strength or the feeling of hunger. I feel a little nauseous when I eat, and my eyes are swollen and I have serious bags under my eyes. This is the manifestation of heavy moisture, which needs to be removed. Exercise is a way to remove moisture. Only after the moisture is removed can acne disappear.

Heavy moisture is one of the reasons for acne, and a more important reason for acne is getting angry. If you often eat fried and spicy food, and often stay up late, the probability of acne is very high. Most adults, acne is caused by irregular lifestyle and irregular diet.

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