Is it good for pregnant women to eat vitamins containing iodine?

Iodine is a basic element for human nutrition. It has a very direct impact on the development of human intelligence. In our daily life, we mainly absorb iodine by eating iodized salt, and at the same time, we also absorb iodine from various foods. So, is it good for pregnant women to take iodine-containing vitamins?

Iodine deficiency is the main cause of mental retardation. Even mild iodine deficiency will have an adverse effect on children’s cognitive function.

The daily iodine intake of pregnant women is about 250g/L, which is reasonable. The American Thyroid Society recommends that pregnant women and lactating women should take 150 grams of iodine in vitamins every day.

The iodine content in seafood is very high. Seafood is the most accessible, such as kelp, laver, fresh hairtail, sea cucumber, jellyfish, lobster and so on. Among them, the iodine content in kelp is the highest, with shellfish and fresh marine fish reaching about 800 micrograms per kilogram. However, the iodine content in salt is very low, and the more refined salt, the less iodine. The iodine content in sea salt is about 20g/kg. The iodine content in eggs and milk is as high as 40g/kg~90g/kg, followed by meat.

Most of the iodine in human body comes from food, and some comes from drinking water. Iodine in food needs to be reduced to iodine ions in order to be absorbed by human body, and iodine combined with amino acids can be directly absorbed by human body.

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