Is it good or bad to wear underwear at night?

Different people have different habits. Take sleeping habits as an example. Some people like to sleep naked, while others like to sleep in underwear. They think they will feel insecure without underwear. So is it good or bad to wear underwear for sleeping at night today? This question will be discussed in the hope that everyone will have a satisfactory answer.

In fact, many doctors don’t recommend that women wear underwear when they sleep at night, because the breasts are in the bra all day, and not letting the breasts breathe at night will increase the risk of breast cancer. Whether married or not, it is beneficial for women to sleep without a bra at night. Although wearing a bra can show their better figure, they don’t let their breasts relax at night, which can easily lead to poor blood supply and possibly cause some pathological changes.

In the developmental stage, if there are no special circumstances, it is better not to wear underwear at night. If the breast is oppressed and bound by bra for a long time, it will affect its healthy development, resulting in blood circulation disorder and poor lymph circulation. According to statistics, people who don’t wear bra and wear bra are much less likely to suffer from breast cancer. And underwear is the same. Sleeping at night without underwear can help the pudenda get better “breathing” and prevent many gynecological diseases.

Whether women choose underwear or underpants, they should pay attention not to choose too tight underwear. Many gynecological diseases are caused by improper underwear selection. Loose and comfortable cotton underwear should be chosen, so that the air permeability is good. Moreover, underwear should be cleaned frequently and washed by hand instead of washing machine, so as not to breed bacteria.

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