Is it good to pull out wisdom teeth with long slanting cheeks?

Many people will definitely feel that they have changed their teeth once when they were young, and they will never grow teeth again. However, with the growth of age, wisdom teeth will grow organically after adulthood. Once the wisdom teeth are inflamed, people will feel pain. So if your wisdom teeth are crooked, can you pull them out to your cheeks?

First, is the wisdom tooth long and crooked, so that it can be pulled to the cheek?

In this case, doctors need to take pictures to judge whether the degree of long crooked is severe or not. If it is particularly serious, it will be relatively difficult to pull out, and if it is only a little crooked, it will not be too difficult to pull out.

However, if the teeth are often inflamed and painful due to long crooked teeth, it is necessary to remove the wisdom teeth after anti-inflammation, otherwise, pain will often occur.

Second, how to protect teeth?

1. Insist on brushing your teeth twice a day.

Keeping teeth clean is very important for protecting teeth, so you must brush your teeth once in the morning and at night, so that you can keep your teeth clean and use the correct brushing method.

2. Eat less sweets.

Eating less sweets in our daily life, especially when children eat more sweets, will easily lead to tooth decay, which will also have a certain impact on the health of teeth.

3. See the dentist regularly.

Insist on having a dental check-up every year to see if there is any problem with the teeth, and treat any disease in time.

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