Is it normal for pregnant women to vomit with bloodshot blood?

Once a woman is pregnant, there will be many changes in her body, such as vomiting. About 70% of pregnant women will have vomiting. Slight vomiting will not have any effect on the body and fetus of pregnant women. However, some pregnant women will have vomiting and bloodshot blood, which requires active treatment according to the cause. So is it normal for pregnant women to vomit with bloodshot blood?

Pregnant women have bloodshot blood when vomiting, probably because long-term retching will rub their throats, and congestion will occur when rubbing their throats, so bloodshot blood will appear when vomiting. It is normal for vomit to contain bloodshot blood, so don’t worry too much. Generally, drink plenty of water and eat more fruits to relieve it.

Of course, some diseases may also cause such symptoms, such as gastrointestinal bleeding, and common diseases such as gastric ulcer bleeding, esophageal varices bleeding, etc., all of which may cause vomiting and bloodshot of pregnant women. If you are not sure what kind of situation you belong to, it is best to go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible to confirm.

After finding out the cause, we need to deal with it according to the specific reasons. Only in this way can we better improve these symptoms. In addition, it is suggested that pregnant women should rest as much as possible in their daily life, pay attention to the supplement of diet and nutrition, and try to give priority to light and nutritious foods, while it is best not to eat irritating and greasy foods.

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