Is it risky to wash teeth in a small clinic?

Tooth washing belongs to routine nursing of oral hygiene, which can better remove dental plaque and calculus. Washing teeth can ensure oral hygiene and reduce the occurrence of oral diseases. However, some people choose small clinics for cleaning their teeth. After all, it is more convenient and quick to go to small clinics. So, is it risky to wash teeth in a small clinic?

Regular tooth cleaning can reduce oral diseases, especially toothache caused by periodontitis, and regular tooth cleaning can play a better preventive role. Tooth washing can remove the accumulated dental tartar and some dental calculus, which are harmful to oral hygiene, thus ensuring oral hygiene.

However, whether there is any risk in cleaning teeth in a small clinic needs to be treated separately. If you have a regular medical qualification, even the smallest clinic will follow the regular operation process and use medical disinfection products with guaranteed quality, so there will be less risk factors.

If some people are not qualified to practice medicine, and the equipment, medical instruments and personnel operations used are not standardized, the risk factors will increase, which is very likely to cause tooth damage during tooth cleaning, and may also cause infection in the later period, so there will be higher risk factors.

In a word, if you go to a small clinic to wash your teeth, you must pay attention to whether there is a formal medical qualification certificate and a formal medical business license in the clinic. Of course, if there are conditions, it is recommended to go to the stomatology department of the hospital for a comprehensive oral examination, and eliminate some other health hazards that are not conducive to tooth cleaning before tooth cleaning.

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