Is it useful to catch a cold and sweat?

Is sweating helpful to the recovery of cold? It is often said that if you catch a cold, you should go to exercise to make yourself sweat as much as possible. However, this statement is biased, because it cannot be applied to every type of cold, which is divided into wind-heat cold and wind-cold cold. Is it useful to sweat when you catch a cold?

After a cold, letting your body sweat as much as possible can sometimes really speed up the recovery from a cold. Suffering from wind-cold cold, usually the body suffers from wind-cold, and the skin can’t metabolize normally to maintain the body temperature, so that the body temperature regulation can’t work normally. Drugs and food can raise the patient’s body temperature, relax the pores of the skin, and return the body temperature regulation function to a relatively normal level, so the sweating effect will be better.

If it is a wind-heat cold, sweating will aggravate the symptoms of the cold. In this case, it is recommended to drink plenty of water. Therefore, sweating after a cold should first distinguish the type of cold, whether it is a wind-cold cold or a wind-heat cold, before it can be treated symptomatically.

If you have a wind-heat cold, the patient must not use sweating at random. After a cold, the body temperature will rise, and strenuous exercise will inevitably increase the body temperature, and the metabolism will be more vigorous, which will make the body temperature regulation more unbalanced, which may lead to excessive body temperature. At the same time, the heart and lung function of patients with wind-heat cold decreased, and deliberate exercise increased the heart and lung burden, resulting in damage to body organ function.

In addition, people who are physically weak should not let themselves sweat. People who are physically weak are prone to sweat after catching a cold, and then deliberately make them sweat, which is easy to sweat too much, resulting in semen deficiency, which is not conducive to their health.

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