Is it useful to wipe acne marks with vitamin E?

Everyone attaches great importance to their own appearance, especially after having acne or acne marks, they will be very upset, which will affect a person’s beauty, so they all want to recuperate through various methods. So, is vitamin E useful for acne marks?

Vitamin E has the effect of acne marks because it can play an antioxidant role, reduce scar pigmentation and promote whitening. However, it is necessary to be careful to use vitamin E to remove acne, because vitamin E is very oily, which tends to clog pores and make skin more sensitive.

Vitamin E can play a certain role in removing acne marks, so we should pay attention to the correct method. If you want to use vitamin E to get rid of acne marks, you must first thoroughly clean your face, and the dust and oil on your face can be cleaned off, which is also the most basic work, otherwise it will affect the subsequent effect.

After washing your face, pierce the skin of the soft capsule of vitamin E, and then pour the extruded vitamin E on your palm. If it feels too thick, you can add some water to dilute it properly. After preparing the vitamin E liquid, apply it directly to the acne marks, massage for about 10 minutes after application, and use it twice a day. It can be applied before going to bed at night, and then cleaned the next morning, so that the effect is better.

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