Is itching during pregnancy cytomegalovirus?

Pregnant women and their families pay close attention to their health problems during pregnancy. It is true that the health of pregnant women is abnormal during pregnancy, even if it is a small cold, it will make pregnant women feel upset and troubled. Many pregnant women are worried about pregnancy-induced hypertension and so on, and neglect cytomegalovirus, which has a greater impact on pregnancy. So, is it cytomegalovirus that itches during pregnancy?

Itching during pregnancy, as a symptom, there is no way to know whether it is infected with cytomegalovirus. Pregnant women feel itchy, which is probably caused by rash and cholestasis syndrome. Therefore, once a pregnant woman is found to be itchy, she can have such an examination, and if it is really a physical problem, she needs treatment.

If it is the itching of pregnant women’s abdomen, it may be caused by the continuous expansion of the abdomen, which should be distinguished clinically. If it is cytomegalovirus infection, we must pay special attention to it. Because cytomegalovirus will cause intrauterine infection, it will definitely affect the fetus, which will not only affect the growth of the fetus, but also cause malformation and abnormal abortion.

If you are infected with cytomegalovirus during pregnancy, it will also cause mental retardation of newborns, so you should do a good job of related examinations before preparing for pregnancy. More attention should be paid during pregnancy, and examination should not be neglected during pregnancy. If infection is confirmed, amniotic fluid can be taken for testing. Once abnormality is found, pregnancy should be terminated in time.

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