Is jaundice high because of not drinking water?

When jaundice occurs, there are usually symptoms of yellow skin and eyelids. If it is pathological jaundice, it should be treated immediately. Especially when the newborn has jaundice, the lack of timely treatment will not only damage the brain, but also affect the intelligence. So, is jaundice high because of not drinking water?

The high jaundice is not caused by not drinking water. But when jaundice appears, you need to drink more water. The reason of high jaundice is that bilirubin metabolism is impaired, which is caused by many factors, such as decreased liver function, obstruction of bile excretion pipeline and excessive bilirubin production.

When jaundice appears, it is necessary to find the cause in time. However, there are differences in treatment methods for jaundice caused by different reasons. For example, if bilirubin is increased due to liver damage, drugs for protecting liver, resisting inflammation and reducing jaundice should be used. Patients should also pay attention to rest and eat lightly.

If the newborn has jaundice, parents must pay attention to it, and it is best to go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible. If it is physiological jaundice, no special measures need to be taken. For pathological jaundice, it is usually treated with blue light irradiation. If the effect is not good after treatment, the doctor will immediately change the treatment mode and use blood exchange therapy instead.

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