Is low blood calcium in children calcium deficiency?

Calcium is very important in the process of children’s growth. If this substance is lacking, it will affect their physical development, at the same time, it will also have a certain impact on their bones, and it will also cause diseases in the body, resulting in low resistance of children, so we should pay attention to it. So, is low blood calcium deficiency in children?

Children with low blood calcium are generally deficient in calcium, because if they are low in blood calcium, the overall calcium level will decrease, while if they are deficient in calcium, they will appear pale or have poor bone development, which needs timely treatment. In the important stage of children’s development, calcium deficiency will affect bones, lead to unhealthy development, and even cause rickets, which will do great harm to children.

There are many preparations of calcium, so parents should follow the doctor’s advice to choose, and give it to their young children every day, so as to relieve symptoms. They should also eat more calcium-rich things at ordinary times, and do a good job of checking to see if calcium is enough. Diet therapy is also a good way, such as milk and bean products, and the absorption rate is also very high. Some vegetables also contain calcium, nuts and seafood, so parents should supplement them to their children in time.

When the calcium in the blood is reduced, it will cause hypocalcemia. You can take the children to the hospital, check and confirm them by trace elements, and then you can treat them symptomatic. At the same time, you should also take the children to bask in the sun and promote calcium absorption.

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