Is oil fume harmful to children?

When everyone is cooking, they will produce a lot of oil smoke. These lampblack contains a lot of harmful substances, which is harmful to health. Therefore, we should not stay in the lampblack environment for a long time for the sake of our health. So, is oil smoke harmful to children?

Oil fume is very harmful to children, because there are many harmful substances in oil fume, which will affect the development of brain nerves, and may also lead to memory loss, inattention and even mental retardation. In addition, there are sudden carcinogens in the oil fume, which can easily induce cancerous reaction.

At high temperature, cooking oil will produce many thermal oxidative decomposition products, which have a pungent smell. Oil fume is especially harmful to babies, which will not only cause problems in their respiratory system, but also cause them to suffer from some diseases. Therefore, parents should not expose their babies to oil fume.

If you want to avoid the harm of cooking fume to children, you should turn on the range hood when cooking, which can suck away the cooking fume. If you don’t have a range hood, you should also open the window and close the kitchen door when cooking, so that you can avoid the smoke from entering other rooms in your home. In addition, the range hood used in the home should be cleaned regularly to ensure that it can work normally.

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