Is sesame good for hair?

Sesame is a kind of food that many people think is more fragrant, so it is added in many biscuits. Some people say that they know that sesame is not only very fragrant, but also rich in nutrition, which is also good for the hair of users. So, is sesame good for hair?

Is sesame good for hair

It is found that the reason why people have white hair is that the amount of melanin secreted by melanocytes in hair follicles is reduced, and the amount of tyrosinase is also reduced, which leads to the problem of white hair. However, among the extracted components of black sesame seeds, there are components that can make the enzyme up to the standard, and the synthetic amount of melanin will be greatly increased. Therefore, people with white hair can naturally have a relatively black hair again.

precautions for taking sesame

Although sesame has a good effect on improving white hair, it is necessary to avoid eating a lot of sesame seeds. It is recommended to take half a teaspoon every day in spring and summer, and one tablespoon every day in autumn and winter. Otherwise, it may be too bad because you did not control the amount of delicious sesame seeds when eating sesame seeds. Once you take too much sesame seeds, it is easy to induce abnormal hair loss. Therefore, don’t eat too much sesame seeds because you think it is good.

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