Is the blood sugar of pregnant women 8.1 normal two hours after meals?

After pregnancy, women are very worried about the occurrence of gestational diabetes, because it will not only affect the pregnant woman’s own body, but also have an impact on the development of the fetus, and there are many things that cannot be touched in diet. Therefore, in order to avoid gestational diabetes, we must pay special attention to dietary conditioning during pregnancy. Is the blood sugar 8.1 normal two hours after a meal?

There may be a slight difference in the blood sugar of pregnant women within two hours after a meal, and the normal value is within the range of 4.4~6.7. If it is higher than this range, there may be a situation of excessively high blood sugar. Therefore, if the blood sugar measured within two hours after a meal has reached 8.1, it should be excessively high, which may have some adverse effects on the growth and development of the fetus.

So at this time, we should adjust our daily diet, try to eat light and eat more vegetables, even if it is just fruit, it is necessary to control the amount of intake, because some fruits contain relatively high sugar, and besides, the intake of starch should also be controlled. Try not to take more than two or two starches per meal. Especially for pregnant women with high blood sugar, the diet should be mainly low-sugar or sugar-free.

If the control of blood sugar through diet is not well controlled, it may be necessary to go to the hospital for examination and use drugs to help lower blood sugar.

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