Is the deepest amniotic fluid 3.6 normal after 40 weeks of pregnancy?

During pregnancy, pregnant women will not only worry about the development of fetus, but also the amniotic fluid. The B-ultrasound list will also show the development of fetus, the depth of amniotic fluid and the placenta. Is the deepest amniotic fluid only 3.6 normal after 40 weeks of pregnancy? What is the normal range?

40 weeks of pregnancy has reached the expected date of delivery, and the amniotic fluid depth of 3.6 is within the normal range at this time. Besides looking at the depth of amniotic fluid, we also need to look at whether amniotic fluid is turbid and whether placenta is aging. If the placenta is aging or the amniotic fluid is turbid, it is best to induce labor in this case, otherwise the fetus will be in danger.

If the placenta is not aging, and the amniotic fluid is normal in all aspects, and the fetus is developing stably at present, it is best to wait for the fetus to start naturally. However, pregnant women themselves need to be prepared, and everything they need for hospitalization should be prepared, so as to avoid being in a hurry when starting.

If the fetal position is found to be incorrect by the due date, once the doctor recommends caesarean section, he can choose to perform caesarean section at this time. Pregnant women must actively listen to the doctor’s advice, because doctors know the physical condition of pregnant women best, and will also choose the most suitable production method for pregnant women, so as to minimize the production risks and prevent some accidents during the production process.

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