Is the deepest amniotic fluid 4.8 normal at 37 weeks of pregnancy?

In fact, the normal index of amniotic fluid should be taken into account when a woman is undergoing birth check-up, because amniotic fluid is also an environment in which the fetus comes into close contact when it grows, so it is also very important. Whether it is too much amniotic fluid or too little amniotic fluid, it will affect the normal development of the fetus, so special attention should be paid. Is the deepest amniotic fluid 4.8 normal at 37 weeks of pregnancy?

In fact, before the 28th week of pregnancy, there will be relatively more amniotic fluid. At this time, because the fetus is not particularly large, the range of activities in the uterus is relatively large, and the fetus will easily change. However, after 32nd week, the fetus will grow faster and the amniotic fluid will decrease relatively. Therefore, at the 37th week of pregnancy, the amniotic fluid depth of 4.8 is normal.

Although there will be differences in amniotic fluid at different stages of pregnancy, if it exceeds 2,000 ml, it is actually too much amniotic fluid, which will easily lead to premature birth, premature rupture of membranes and abnormal fetal position. It is easy to have placental abruption, umbilical cord prolapse and postpartum hemorrhage when giving birth.

However, if the amniotic fluid is less than 300 ml, it is too little amniotic fluid, which will lead to limited fetal activity, abnormal fetal position and even fetal malformation. Besides, the incidence of asphyxia will be higher.

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