Is the maximum depth of amniotic fluid 7.5 normal at 27 weeks of gestation?

When doing prenatal examination, amniotic fluid is also an item that needs to be checked, because whether amniotic fluid is normal or not will also affect the survival of fetus, and the weight of amniotic fluid will be different in different pregnant periods, so it is usually necessary to check amniotic fluid index and amniotic fluid depth to judge the condition of amniotic fluid. So is the maximum depth of amniotic fluid 7.5 normal at 27 weeks of pregnancy?

At the 27th week of gestation, the normal amniotic fluid depth ranges from 3 cm to 8 cm, so it is normal to check out 7.5 cm. Besides the depth of amniotic fluid, the index of amniotic fluid also has a approximate range, which is normal if it is between 5 and 18. Although doctors will explain to pregnant women, it is better to know these things a little.

At the 27th week of pregnancy, if abnormal amniotic fluid occurs, it will affect pregnant women and fetuses.

First of all, if the depth of amniotic fluid exceeds 8 cm, it means that there is too much amniotic fluid, which may lead to abnormal fetal position and fetal distress, and may lead to premature birth. Besides, the probability of fetal malformation is also very high.

However, if the depth of amniotic fluid is less than 3 cm, it is too little amniotic fluid, which is likely to lead to prolonged delivery time, and the fetus is more prone to intrauterine asphyxia.

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