Is the pain under the tongue excessive internal heat?

Irritation, from the clinical manifestations, is light and heavy, such as fever and heatstroke, which are relatively serious symptoms. Usually, the symptoms of excessive internal heat are mild, and generally, there will be no general fever. There are many symptoms of getting angry, and many people can’t tell whether they get angry or not. So, is the pain under the tongue excessive internal heat?

Pain under the tongue, which is probably caused by excessive internal heat, is estimated to be affected by excessive internal heat, which leads to inflammatory reaction under the tongue, thus causing pain. It should be noted that sometimes blisters grow under the tongue. In this case, it is necessary to distinguish between simple infection and excessive internal heat. Distinguishing clearly is helpful for symptomatic treatment.

In fact, some people in life get angry easily, so this person should pay attention to their own aftercare. Whether living or working, they should pay attention to the combination of work and rest and not work too hard. We should eat a certain amount of vegetables and fruits every day and drink a certain amount of water every day. If men get angry easily, they must drink less and smoke less.

In fact, getting angry has a great relationship with mental state, so we should adjust our emotions and face life and work positively and optimistically. It is easy to get angry in summer, so you should eat less fruits such as oranges and mangoes, as well as green onions, ginger and garlic. After all, these foods are hot.

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