Is there any way to cure dry cough at once?

The weather is dry in autumn and winter, and many people are prone to dry cough at this time. Dry cough makes people’s throat very uncomfortable, and sometimes their throat itches. Severe cough will affect health, life and work. So is there any way to cure the dry cough at once?

If the dry cough is caused by excessive internal heat, you should eat more foods that reduce internal heat, such as watermelon, pear and mung bean soup. When the weather is dry, the body loses water quickly, so drink plenty of water instead of waiting for dry mouth. You can use warm water to soak some boat-fruited Sterculia and honeysuckle, add some rock sugar and drink several cups every day, which can effectively relieve dry cough. Honey is also effective in relieving dry cough. It is best to drink pure honey directly. If you are not used to it, you can brew it with water, but don’t put too much water.

It is easy to cause dry cough when the weather is dry, so to ensure the indoor temperature and humidity, you can put a humidifier or a basin of water in the room, which can make the room less dry. You can also put some green plants indoors, which can make the air in the room 空 fresher and reduce the occurrence of dry cough.

If the dry cough is serious and affects the normal life and diet, it is necessary to check some throats in the hospital. Take some antitussive drugs for treatment under the guidance of a doctor. Don’t be too tired during the treatment, pay attention to rest, and get enough sleep to make your illness get better faster.

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