Is there any way to droop breasts?

Women’s breasts can be described as a unique gift from heaven, and they will look good if they are straight and stylish. Women are prone to sagging breasts at a certain age or after breastfeeding, which greatly affects women’s self-confidence. So, is there any way to have sagging breasts?

Under normal circumstances, obese people and nursing mothers are most prone to breast sagging. Breast sagging can be adjusted by massage, and if it is serious, it can be treated by surgery. Under normal circumstances, it can be improved by massage. When massaging, you can choose the appropriate massage cream to play a certain role in promoting.

First, apply massage cream to your hands, rub your hands, then put your palms upright on both sides of your breasts and squeeze them inward. 10 times in each group, and 3 groups in total. Then put your palms up, overlap them, hold your breasts, lift them up, and maintain this position for about 10 seconds, for a total of 5 times. Take nipple as the center, cover the breasts with both hands, massage in a circle, 10 times in one group and 3 groups. Finally, gently push from the clavicle to the armpit for 10 seconds each, and massage alternately for 2 minutes.

Besides massage, the problem of sagging breasts can be improved by means of food supplement. Usually, eat more papaya and yam milk. Postpartum nursing mothers can also eat brown sugar boiled eggs. At ordinary times, you can also do more exercise to convert fat into muscle.

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