Is there any way to prevent pregnancy during ovulation?

Before getting married, if you don’t want to have children, you should pay attention to contraception when you are in the same room, especially during the ovulation period, because there is a high probability of pregnancy in this period. If you don’t do contraception well, you will get pregnant easily. If you don’t want to have children, you will have to have an abortion after pregnancy. Abortion will do some harm to women’s health, and it may also affect the health of the uterus. So what can you do to prevent pregnancy during the ovulation period?

First, avoiding sharing a room during ovulation is actually the best way to prevent pregnancy, because without sharing a room, sperm and eggs will not combine, so it is impossible to get pregnant at all.

Second, not every woman knows clearly when the ovulation period is, so she may not know that she shared a room during the ovulation period. If she doesn’t want to get pregnant, she should take contraceptive measures, and using condoms is a safer method. If you feel that this method affects the experience of sharing a room, you can also choose to take birth control pills afterwards to prevent pregnancy. However, birth control pills have some side effects.

Third, you can get a contraceptive ring. If you don’t want to have children in a short time and feel that other contraceptive methods are not safe, you can consider using contraceptive rings. Compared with other contraceptive measures, this method has a higher success rate and no side effects.

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