Is there any way to thin your feet?

Modern female friends all want their body to be thinner. If the legs are too thick, it will be unsightly to wear shorts. So many female friends want to find various ways to thin their feet. So, what can be done to thin their feet?

1. rubbing feet: the feet are closed, and the two calves rub against each other, so that the fat in the calves can burn in a certain period of time, thus achieving the effect of reducing the fat content. If you feel tired, you can also lie on the bed and take the supine position. You can raise your legs and rub each other hard. It will bring better results to rub parts with both hands at the same time. For about two minutes every day, rubbing for 20 to 40 times each time can not only thin your feet, but also help you sleep.

In winter, the palms of both feet are closed and rubbed against each other, which can make the blood circulation at the foot bottom smooth and reduce the accumulation of fat locally. And it is very beneficial for women whose feet are afraid of cold.

2. Feet shaking: When the blood circulation of the human body is not good, the endocrine system will fail to play its normal role, which will lead to the deposition of toxins in the body. When the metabolic rate is low, fat will gradually accumulate. Therefore, shaking your feet can promote blood circulation, and when the metabolism rate is high, you can reduce obesity.

You can lie on your back, first lift your feet like stepping on a bicycle, and make your feet rotate alternately. It lasts for 2 minutes to 10 minutes every day, which can make the blood circulation in the whole body smooth, and promote sleeping after feeling tired.

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