Is there any way to treat long-term uninterrupted diarrhea?

Many people have had diarrhea, and mild diarrhea can usually be cured in a few days. Occasionally diarrhea may be caused by eating bad food, which is not very serious and generally does not require medical treatment. If diarrhea is serious, you can take some antidiarrheal drugs to avoid dehydration caused by diarrhea. If long-term diarrhea should be paid attention to, it may be caused by disease. So what’s the cure for long-term uninterrupted diarrhea?

Long-term uninterrupted diarrhea is best checked in the hospital to find out the cause of diarrhea and then treat it. During the treatment of diarrhea, attention should be paid to adjusting diet, and diet therapy can also play a therapeutic role. Often diarrhea can drink more porridge, it is best to choose rice congee, and add a little salt in rice congee, which will help to stop diarrhea.

Eating fruits can also help treat diarrhea. Pay more attention when choosing fruits. Not all fruits can be eaten. You can choose apples, pomegranates and other fruits. Don’t eat cold fruits such as watermelon, pear and banana, which will lead to more serious diarrhea. Drink plenty of water when diarrhea often occurs, and replenish the missing water in time to avoid dehydration.

People with diarrhea can’t eat too hard food, so they should choose to eat some foods that are easy to digest and absorb. Pasta is the best choice, which is not only nutritious, but also easy to digest and absorb. Do not put too much oil when cooking noodles, so as to avoid being too greasy and increasing the burden on the stomach.

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