Is thyroid hypertrophy serious?

If the body lacks a large amount of iodine, it is easy to suffer from thyroid hypertrophy, which is difficult to be detected by patients at the beginning of the disease, because there is usually no abnormal performance, but patients can’t ignore it. It is best to know about it so as to prevent it in advance. So, is thyroid hypertrophy serious?

According to the severity of thyroid hypertrophy, although there are no obvious symptoms at the initial stage, as long as timely treatment is carried out, the harm will not be great. If the illness is delayed all the time, it will become more serious, such as anxiety, emotional ups and downs, and easy to be frightened. These are all problems caused by goiter, and will also cause physical discomfort, such as muscle weakness and active movement.

After the further development of goiter, it will also cause heart discomfort, such as rapid heartbeat and palpitation, and the patient’s blood pressure will also increase, and his weight will be relatively reduced, even with dysphagia and dyspnea, and his eyes will also have some abnormal performances, including blurred vision and fear of light, etc. For female patients, it will also cause menstrual disorder and even affect pregnancy.

Patients with goiter need to pay attention to their own diet and avoid overeating. They should eat more foods containing vitamins, but not things containing iodine, especially seafood and salt containing iodine, to prevent aggravation of symptoms, and pay attention to rest.

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