Is uric acid low and gout possible?

Uric acid is one of the indicators of health. Low or high uric acid is not good. Only under normal circumstances can the body maintain normal operation. If metabolism is disordered, it will lead to low uric acid. Therefore, this is a metabolic disease, which will bring a series of problems to the body. So, is low uric acid likely to cause gout?

If uric acid is low, gout may occur, because the level of uric acid is often low, but on the contrary, it decreases. In order to control uric acid in the body, don’t eat foods that will cause uric acid to rise, such as animal viscera, including pig liver and heart, and seafood foods, such as oysters and clams. In particular, control alcohol intake, so as to effectively control uric acid in the body.

Patients should pay attention to exercise at ordinary times. Only by persisting in exercise and discharging more toxins in the body can their health be guaranteed, which is conducive to the discharge of uric acid in the body. Drinking enough water every day can not only speed up the discharge of urine, but also dilute uric acid in the body.

Long-term vegetarianism may lead to low uric acid, or long-term partial eclipse and lack of certain minerals or vitamins. Some people with liver diseases, due to damage to liver cells, will lead to a decrease in uric acid in the blood. If a large number of antibiotics are used, the liver and kidney function may be damaged due to the toxic and side effects of antibiotics, thus reducing the uric acid concentration.

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