Is waist soreness normal for three-month pregnant women?

Women who have experienced pregnancy should all know that the whole pregnancy process is hard, and some pregnancy reactions will appear at the beginning of pregnancy, while there is still a late stage in the middle of pregnancy, because the belly is getting bigger slowly, it is particularly difficult to act. And after a big belly, it is easy to have backache and backache. However, some women may have backache in the pre-pregnancy period. Is it normal for pregnant women to have backache in three months?

In fact, it is very common to have backache after three months of pregnancy, which can be regarded as a relatively normal reaction during pregnancy. This is related to uterine oppression to a certain extent. Because the fetus develops slowly after about three months, the uterus will become larger appropriately, so it will also be subject to certain uterine oppression. So don’t worry too much, as long as there is no abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding at this time.

However, because hormone secretion is vigorous during pregnancy, it is also likely to cause backache, but it is generally not particularly serious. Give yourself a proper massage to relieve it. If you feel backache when you sleep at night, you can actually choose a more suitable sleeping position, because your stomach has not developed yet in the early pregnancy, and at this time, any sleeping position you choose will not press the fetus, so you can sleep comfortably.

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