It will take several days for people to return to normal.

After abortion, women will always be weak, especially because abortion actually damages the uterus, so if it must be done, it will take some time to recuperate and help the body and uterus recover. But many people don’t understand this, so how many days will it take for people to return to normal?

Theoretically, after abortion, a normal menstruation indicates recovery, which also indicates that the endometrium has recovered. Generally speaking, after the abortion operation, it is recommended to rest at home for at least one week, and if conditions permit, rest for one month, so as to fully recover the body.

Usually, it is suggested that women should stay in bed for the first three days after the abortion operation. In the next half month, they should pay attention not to take part in manual labor or do some vigorous physical exercise. During this time, they should pay attention to keeping warm and not to be greedy for cooling and blowing. Diet should also pay attention to the best is to eat light food, do not drink before fully recovered, you can choose light and nutritious food to eat, such as appropriate to eat more meat, eggs, beans and other products, as well as a variety of vegetables.

In addition, the most noteworthy point is that you can’t share a room one month after the abortion. Avoid infection. If you have sex again after recovery, you must pay attention to contraception to avoid accidental pregnancy again. If you want to have children after abortion, it must be at least six months later.

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