It’s always a cold. What do you eat?

Everyone must be familiar with the cold, which is a very common disease with a very high incidence. However, some people often catch colds, which are usually caused by low resistance and weak constitution, so they should be recuperated in time. So, what do you want to recuperate from catching a cold?

When people don’t take enough vitamin A, they will easily catch a cold, and after catching a cold, vitamin A in the body will be seriously lost, which forms a vicious circle. When the body lacks vitamin A, it will reduce the immune function, so it is always necessary to take one more vitamin if you catch a cold. For example, you often eat some carrots, which can not only supplement one vitamin, but also strengthen the spleen and stomach and relieve constipation.

If you want to avoid frequent colds, you should start to improve your immunity, so you should eat a healthy diet. Everyone needs to eat meat frequently, such as lean meat and fish meat, which contains a lot of protein, and the contents of calcium, magnesium and iron are also quite high. People often eat it, which is very helpful for improving immunity.

Kiwifruit is a very popular fruit with high nutritional value, especially rich in vitamin C, which can enhance immunity. In addition, it also contains polysaccharides, which can avoid bacterial infection. Therefore, people who always catch a cold should always eat kiwifruit.

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