Just after menstruation, can you be pregnant without a roommate?

Because there are many types of diseases now, we should pay special attention to our own bodies, especially women’s own immunity and resistance are relatively fragile, and the body structure will be quite special compared with boys. If we do not pay attention to nursing and maintenance, the probability of gynecological diseases will be very high, which will easily affect the situation of pregnancy and childbirth. So, will we become pregnant without a roommate just after menstruation?

If you don’t have a roommate after menstruation, the probability of getting pregnant is basically zero, because if you come to menstruation, it means that you didn’t have the possibility of getting pregnant before, and if you don’t have the experience of having a roommate after menstruation, you are even less likely to get pregnant, so you don’t need to worry about this.

If you want to prepare for pregnancy, it is better and more likely to have sex during the ovulation period. Then, in the days before or after menstruation, try to avoid sharing a room, because before menstruation, your body may feel a little uncomfortable and your secretion will increase. At this time, sharing a room may increase the probability of infection, which is the same at the end of menstruation.

Not only before and after menstruation, but also during menstruation, especially during menstruation, because menstrual blood will be discharged at this time, if you have sex, the probability of infection will be greatly increased, and gynecological diseases will easily occur, and it is very likely that you will suffer from infertility.

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