Normal value of total bile acid during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, it is necessary to go to the hospital for physical examination regularly, through which we can know the physical condition of pregnant women and the development of fetus. Some pregnant women found that their total bile acid was on the high side, so what is the normal value of total bile acid during pregnancy?

The bile acid index of pregnant women usually does not exceed 10 mol/L. Once the examination result is on the high side, it proves that the metabolism of bile acid of pregnant women is abnormal. The abnormal metabolism of bile acid in pregnant women is related to the increase of hormone level. Once the bile acid is increased, it is easy to have the problem of cholestasis of pregnancy, and a series of symptoms will appear in the body, such as jaundice, itchy skin, and even affect sleep, which needs attention.

Moreover, the increase of bile acid in pregnant women will also affect the fetus, which is prone to intrauterine hypoxia and even premature birth. Therefore, when pregnant women check that their bile acid is increased, they must actively cooperate with doctors for treatment and conditioning, so as to avoid affecting the development of fetus and their health.

If the fetus has been examined for intrauterine hypoxia, which is serious, it may be necessary to consider terminating the pregnancy, take out the fetus by caesarean section in advance, and then put it in an incubator for observation for a period of time. If the fetus is kept in the uterine cavity for a long time, it may cause suffocation.

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