Often touching the belly during pregnancy can cause the umbilical cord to wrap around the neck?

Pregnant women like to touch their stomachs after pregnancy, because they feel that this way can have further communication with their children, and often touching their stomachs will make them feel more secure. However, many people will find that the umbilical cord wraps around the neck when they are examined during pregnancy, so they will wonder if it has something to do with touching their stomach frequently. Will touching their stomach often lead to the umbilical cord wrapping around the neck during pregnancy?

In fact, whether there is umbilical cord around the neck has nothing to do with touching the stomach. So don’t worry too much. Often touching your stomach will cause the umbilical cord to wrap around your neck. However, if pregnant women have the following behaviors, it is very likely that the umbilical cord will wrap around the neck.

First, strenuous exercise. During pregnancy, many women have the habit of exercising in order to ensure their physical quality and maintain their body shape. However, the exercise of pregnant women may have some influence on the fetus. If only some simple exercises are not particularly large, they will actually have a good influence on the fetus. However, if strenuous exercise is carried out, it is very likely that the umbilical cord will wrap around the neck.

Second, stay up late. Pregnant women may have some changes in their sleep habits, and it may be difficult to fall asleep at night, so they may stay up late. If they stay up late, it will actually have a bad influence on him, for example, it will also cause him to be in a state of excitement, which may increase their activities and increase the probability of umbilical cord around the neck.

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