One month pregnant, progesterone imbecile keeps the baby?

There is a very important data index during pregnancy, that is, progesterone. If the value of progesterone is abnormal and low, there will be a probability of miscarriage. Therefore, the value of progesterone is very important during pregnancy. So, does progesterone fail to keep the child one month after pregnancy?

If it is not particularly serious when the progesterone is found to be low, there is still a great probability that the child can be saved by actively supplementing progesterone and performing abortion treatment. Because low progesterone itself may be caused by luteal insufficiency or insufficient progesterone secretion, it may be necessary to treat these aspects.

So what should I do if my pregnancy is low in progesterone?

First, in fact, the value of progesterone can be increased by adjusting diet. For example, some foods contain more soy isoflavones and the only natural component. Eating more of these foods can make pregnant women produce more progesterone.

Secondly, eating some fruits rich in dietary fiber or foods containing more pectin can also help to supplement progesterone, such as kiwi fruit and strawberry.

Third, when the progesterone value is extremely low, taking progesterone drugs to prevent miscarriage is also a better method. But the specific situation should be chosen according to the doctor’s advice.

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