Pregnant women generally have to do several tests for cough.

Pregnant women’s health will be related to the fetus, so it is necessary to protect themselves. Some pregnant women’s health is not very good. Because of the change of weather or other reasons, they may have a cold and cough. It is recommended to go to the hospital for medical treatment, and do specific examinations according to the condition, so that they can recover quickly. Then, pregnant women generally have to do several examinations for cough.

Pregnant women generally have to do routine blood tests to determine whether there are bacterial infections or viruses. If the symptoms of cough are not very serious and will not have a great impact on the fetus, it is best not to take medicines indiscriminately, but to drink plenty of water. Proper rest may improve. However, if the cough is serious, it may have an impact on the fetus, so it is necessary to take medicines according to the doctor’s advice to regulate the condition.

It is recommended to use Chinese patent medicine, which has little side effect on fetus, and is relatively safer. When pregnant women cough, they may have sore throat. You can drink honey water to relieve discomfort, and rinse your mouth with salt water. Drink plenty of water at ordinary times to help detoxify.

Cough can be recuperated by diet therapy. Eating more foods under fire, such as tomatoes and radishes, can clear away lung heat and inhibit bacterial growth. Cough is very painful for pregnant women. If it is too frequent and severe, it may also cause great influence, so it is necessary to recuperate and treat it well.

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