Should we check for AIDS before abortion?

AIDS is very harmful. It is usually caused by virus infection, and it will spread in many ways. Sexual transmission is more common. For women who want to have abortion, it is necessary to improve the preoperative examination, so as to perform the operation well. So, should we check AIDS before abortion?

Before abortion, we should check for AIDS. If we have AIDS, we need special treatment during the operation to avoid infecting other patients. Besides this check, we should also check for syphilis and hepatitis B to avoid accidents during the operation, which will lead to serious diseases. If you choose painless method, you need çİş abdomen for 4-6 hours.

AIDS will destroy the immunity of human body, so women will recover slowly after abortion, and their bodies need more care, and they should pay attention to their personal habits. In order to avoid the occurrence of AIDS, women should actively carry out prevention, understand the ways of transmission and some symptoms.

It is best not to have sex with patients, so as to avoid self-infection. If you have bad sex life, you will be more prone to diseases. If you want to get an injection, don’t share needles with others. If you want to get a manicure, you’d better go to a regular institution. If you accidentally bleed and these appliances are not disinfected, it is easy to cause virus infection. Pay special attention to hygiene during menstruation.

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