Symptoms and conditioning of yin deficiency of liver and kidney.

There are still many people who don’t quite understand the situation of yin deficiency of liver and kidney. Even if there are some symptoms, they can’t find them in time, which will lead to aggravation of the disease, so we have to understand them. Then, the symptoms and treatment of yin deficiency of liver and kidney?

There are many symptoms of yin deficiency of liver and kidney, for example, mental symptoms. Patients seem to be a little fatigued, their teeth are loosened and dropped prematurely, their hearing is greatly weakened, their waist and knees are prone to weakness, they often forget some things, and their sleep quality is also very poor. Patients’ emotions are difficult to control, they are prone to get angry, and they will lose their mood for no reason. Moreover, they are also manifested in urology, such as frequent micturition and urgency.

For the conditioning of liver and kidney yin deficiency, we can take medicine, mainly drugs for nourishing liver and kidney, which should be used symptomatically, and the right drugs should be selected according to the etiology. Patients should follow the doctor’s advice and do not use them blindly. At ordinary times, we should pay attention to the light diet, and the food should be less oily and salty, and not spicy.

You can usually drink some chrysanthemum water, which has the effect of lowering fire, and can also regulate yin deficiency of liver and kidney. Diet therapy can also nourish liver and kidney. Eating medlar and yam together has a good therapeutic effect. Yam can also strengthen the spleen and protect the stomach, and relieve spleen and stomach weakness caused by yin deficiency of liver and spleen, such as loss of appetite, pig liver and pig brain, etc., which are all foods for tonifying kidney yin. Patients should take good care from all aspects, so as to improve a series of symptoms.

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