Symptoms and treatment of eczema.

There are many causes of eczema, which will bring many discomforts after illness. The obvious symptom is itching, which is unbearable for patients. Therefore, it is necessary to take appropriate treatment according to specific causes, so as to alleviate the symptoms. Then, the symptoms and treatment methods of eczema?

There are many symptoms of eczema, such as erythema or papules on the skin, accompanied by itching, scratches and other phenomena. According to different parts of the disease, skin manifestations are different. If it is hand eczema, besides erythema papules, there will also be blisters, eczema in acute stage, the symptoms are usually severe, and skin ulceration and even exudation will occur.

Chronic eczema can show that the skin is hard and looks thicker, which is usually induced after repeated scratching. For the treatment of eczema, it is necessary to avoid staying in a dry environment, which will easily aggravate itching symptoms. Therefore, to maintain a certain humidity, a moisture machine can be used.

Patients with eczema can take a bath with warm water to reduce itching symptoms. However, frequent bathing is not necessary to soften the skin, but overheated or supercooled water should be avoided to prevent irritation. Patients should wear cotton clothes, which are soft and not easy to cause skin itching. Do not wear tight-fitting clothes. After taking a bath, you can apply lotion to moisten your skin and prevent water loss, but choose a mild product.

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