Symptoms of acute laryngitis in children.

Children’s body immunity is low, so it is easy to get sick. The common disease is a cold and fever. If not treated in time, it may involve the throat, tonsils and other parts, resulting in inflammation. So, the symptoms of children’s acute laryngitis?

There are many symptoms of acute laryngitis in children, such as cough, expectoration, fever and crying, etc. If the body temperature is relatively high, oral antipyretics should be taken to avoid damage to children. When the disease breaks out, it is urgent and accompanied by hoarseness. When children cry, there will be wheezing and even cyanosis.

There are many causes of acute pharyngolaryngitis, so the symptoms are different. Some people feel burning throat and tingling, feel extremely dry, and like to drink cold things. If it is serious, there will be swallowing pain, and children will not eat, but also cry, and some people will have hoarseness and headache.

After illness, children should be taken to hospital for treatment in time. Children should rest more at ordinary times, drink some warm boiled water properly, eat some liquid food in diet, and pay attention to whether defecation is normal. If children are older, they can have normal saline in their mouth. If symptoms are serious, they can also use atomization therapy. The room should be ventilated by opening more windows to keep çİş fresh.

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