Symptoms of allergic cutaneous vasculitis.

Health is better than anything else, and it is said that health is king. However, there are always many people who get sick for no reason. In fact, most diseases have a reason and a source. So what are the symptoms of allergic skin vasculitis?

This disease is a kind of skin disease with complicated etiology, which mainly causes necrotizing vasculitis in small blood vessels of skin, especially in micro veins behind capillaries. It usually occurs in lower limbs, and patients will feel pain or itching, and sometimes they will have general symptoms such as fever, fatigue and joint pain. Generally, most patients with this disease are young adults. Symptoms are slow and acute, and fever is also very inconsistent, but most cases do not have fever, and a few cases have low fever in the afternoon, and their body temperature rises after fatigue.

Patients should raise their affected limbs to relieve uncomfortable symptoms when they are ill. If the illness is mild, you can take some drugs orally. Those with severe symptoms and skin ulcer or systemic symptoms need to go to the hospital to ask a doctor. If necessary, they need to be hospitalized. If you have this disease, you should pay attention to rest first, don’t be too tired, and don’t walk more. Pay due attention to eating, eat more beans, milk and other foods, eat more protein, don’t eat salty food, avoid greasy and spicy food, smoke and drink.

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