Symptoms of allergic erythema.

It can be realized that many people may have allergic constitution, such as sneezing when exposed to pollen, or skin redness after eating seafood. In fact, there are many other allergic reasons. Although sometimes allergy is not serious, it can also cause people to feel very uncomfortable. For example, there will be itching. What are the symptoms of allergic erythema?

The obvious symptom of allergic erythema may be that the skin is red and swollen when it comes into contact with articles that cause allergy, and then there is itching. These symptoms are relatively mild, and if it is serious and allergic, it may also lead to shock.

So what should I do if I am allergic in my life?

First of all, if you are allergic, you must first find out the cause of the allergy, so that you can stay away and treat it in time. Then you can take anti-allergic drugs to relieve it. It is best to do desensitization treatment.

Then, if you are allergic, there may be redness and swelling on the skin, and it will be particularly itchy, especially at night, and you will scratch it subconsciously, which will easily scratch the skin, which will lead to bacterial invasion and make the allergic situation more serious. Therefore, if there is itching, you must avoid scratching it with your hands.

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